We give grants to students moving STEM forward.

StuTech is a non-profit giving money to high schoolers creating innovative & impactful STEM projects.

Grants, done right.

No bureaucracy, no BS: StuTech Grants are the end of 18+ requirements, weeks of waiting, expense forms, and the rest of the mess of traditional grants. Game on.

Superfast turnaround

We’re not about waiting. Applications are all reviewed by our judges within the week.

Funding, no strings attached

No expense forms to fill out here: the money comes on a card & is yours to spend freely.

Every application is judged by the best in the industry.

Judges for the next round will be announced when it begins next month.

Here’s the breakdown.

StuTech Grants are easy to apply for, quick to receive, & maximize you moving your project forward.

1. Apply for a Grant

Write up a description of your project & progress. We open rounds every few weeks.

2. Get accepted

Every application is ranked 1-10 by our panel of judges. The project with the consistently-highest score gets funded.

3. Build your project

Use your grant money however you need to take your project to the next level.

4. Impact report

A month after you get your grant, assemble a report about progress on your project.

Apply now.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll make.