Theo Bleier

Hi, I’m Theo Bleier & I’m building the nonprofit I needed.

High school students who are pursuing STEM projects generally don’t have the resources to expand and fund their projects. That needs to change.

I’m a freshman in high school near Boston, MA, with a vision for a future of STEM built by young people everywhere.

Last year, I tried to start a 3D Printing Club at my middle school. We got around ~20 kids to show interest, but couldn't find any money to replace the aging printer that the school had. We were in a jam.

Sadly, this isn’t an isolated case. There is currently no easy way for students to get funding for their STEM projects and clubs without going through a time-consuming grant process. Even if students manage to navigate the process and receive a traditional grant, they still never have direct access to the money, having to fill out bureaucratic expense forms.

These kinds of barriers are squandering talent everywhere— forcing young people with innovative new ideas to bury them due to a lack of funding.

We're changing that. We’re funding the best ideas from the brightest minds of our generation. We can’t wait to see what they make.

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We can’t wait to see what you’ll make.